Some Wine and Chocolate anyone? – Bobbi Brown

You will not believe it but I’ve always held a secret hope that Bobbi Brown will visit Mumbai someday. I respect her brilliance, talent and flair. Her statement that women can be pretty powerful with only a few products is etched in my mind forever. I look up to her business acumen, growing her brand from her first nude lipstick into a global empire, which is in its 25th year! Her journey has been nothing less then magical! I was devastated to hear that she’s leaving her namesake company by the end of the year. But I understand that she wants to do new things – it has, indeed, been 25 glorious years after all. My only consolation is that the brand will continue her work with more new products to be excited about and here is a collection that is just perfect for the holidays!

As Bobbi Brown puts it – “Dark chocolate and red wine are two of my favorite indulgences” They surely are mine too! Over the years, the rich shades of both chocolate and wine have inspired some of the most popular and gorgeous colors and when Bobbi Brown decides to celebrate her brands 25th year, you know that the collection is going to be nothing less than spectacular. Here’s introducing the Wine & Chocolate Collection featuring the most irresistible pairing yet!

The collection comprises of:

  • Chocolate Eye Palette
  • Wine Eye Palette
  • Sequin Eye Shadow – 4 shades
  • Luxe Lip Color – 3 shades
  • Brightening Blush – 2 shades
  • Nail Polish – 2 shades
  • Angled Eyeshadow Brush
  • Smokey Eye Liner Brush


The new Bobbi Brown Wine & Chocolate collection looks so opulent and luxurious. The packaging is definitely upmarket and the colors are brown, berry and nude toned. I adore the leatherette texture and bright golden packages, as well as the deep chocolate and red wine tones that aren’t too on-trend or ‘out there’. If bold lips, statement nails or smoky eyes aren’t your thing, then don’t fear – because there’s a couple of beautiful blushes and highlighting squares that will add a touch of shimmer and colour to cheeks to perk them right up on a cold and blustery day.

I’ve created this look using the Wine Eye Palette, Luxe Lip Color in the shade Tawny and the Brightening Blush from this limited edition collection. This collection encompasses what limited editions are supposed to be about: something a little special, something a little different and something that makes you think ‘need!’ I love a bit of shimmer and sparkle, a little dark and sexy so this collection perfectly fits the bill for the party season. Here’s hoping that the brand Bobbi Brown continues to super-seed itself with insane collections season after season!

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Bella Karisa

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