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Do you remember your first watch? I for sure do! My memory is still so fresh and clear about my first ever watch! I still remember that I was in school and a fellow classmate of mine walked into the campus with the most eye catching red and yellow watch. The colors were so vibrant that no one could miss it. Fascinated with something new that I had never seen, I gathered the courage and walked up to my friend and shamelessly started a conversation.

“Hey, nice watch!”

“Thanks, it’s my birthday present. My dad got it for me from New York.”

“Wow! That’s amazing.. Why from New York? Don’t you get this watch here?”

“This watch? Here? In Bombay? Don’t you know it’s a SWATCH! That too a Keith Haring Swatch!”

I was so lost and embarrassed. What can I say? She was one of the wealthiest girls at school and imagine this: a Swatch watch with Keith Haring cartoon people on it! I somehow managed to cover up by trying to act all cool and snobbish and bounced from there at double the speed. But the minute I laid my eyes on that watch I just knew it that I had to get one. I didn’t know anything about SWATCH, never heard of it nor had I ever seen it till that day! But that beauty had stolen my heart and I had immediately put it on the top of my wish list.

The next few days I harassed my parents so much. Day and night, morning to evening, from the time I woke up till the time I slept the only word that I would take was Swatch! My parents began to wonder what was wrong with me! Why was I so desperate for a watch! Why the tantrums and the drama! Nevertheless they finally gave in and ordered my watch just in time when a relative was visiting Mumbai from USA. They didn’t tell me that they had ordered it for me. One fine morning when I woke up to get ready for school, I saw a box with Swatch written on it right next to my bedside! Excitement, adrenaline rush, that feeling that makes you sick in the stomach and an emotional turmoil engulfed me. I opened the box and there it was shining like gold! My very own Swatch watch. I ran to my parents and jumped on them and kept giggling and kissing them! They laughed like crazy at my insane antics but my joy knew no bounds! I think I was 10 years old at that time and I was flying high on cloud no. 9!

I just couldn’t wait to get to school and show off of my hotshot new wrist accessory and make my fellow students a wee bit jealous! I had the broadest sheepish grin on my face. A watch was meant to give you the time, right? Perhaps wearing a Swatch was more like a status symbol and a style element. I remember asking one of my Swatch-wearing school chums what time it was. “I don’t know,” she said. She seemed peeved that I had asked her. When I pointed to her Swatch she twitched with surprise. She had forgotten that her Swatch watch could be used to tell the time! That was the craze of Swatch! From that time till now I have been thinking about the topic of Swatch watches for a while now, and I am still at a loss to explain this phenomenon. The watches are distinctive but unobtrusive and have proven to be timeless. I appreciate that they’re unfussy and as resilient as they look. Their latest collection yet again proves that this brand is not just about value for money but also great design and innovation.

The Spring Summer Collection 2016 showcased the Floralia, Metallix, Africana, Beach Swing and the XLite Collection. Each collection was so different and distinct in its appearance. While Floralia Collection brought out the freshness of flowers and the cheers of Spring, Metallix Collection focused on golds, silvers and pop colors with a metallic tinge. Africana as the name suggests derives its inspiration from Native African Art, Beach Swing Collection transports you to a land of sun, sea and sand. My personal favourite was the XLite Collection. Sporty, trendy and eye catching! Swatch enthusiasts are surely going to fall in love with each of these timeless pieces just like I did.

FYI: I just searched eBay for Keith Haring Swatch watches and found that her watch would go for between $400 and $1200 today. So I guess she got the last laugh, and I’m just as poisonously jealous today as I was back then. Sigh!





L1050310 copy





L1050314 copy

L1050319 copy

L1050320 copy



L1050316 copy

L1050317 copy









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Bella Karisa

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