Love Affair with Valentino’s Valentina!

I know a lot of people who keep on wearing the same fragrance from day to night, regardless of the occasion and most of the time, it’s gourmand or fruity floral. Most yuppies would rather go unscented than wear a warm, elegant perfume to a formal occasion thinking that it will make them look older than what they are and I kind of understand that because there aren’t a lot of classy perfume choices for youngsters, hence Valentina, for me, is a great invention. It’s perhaps the first soft, playful and elegant fragrance I’ve encountered, and I think it will appeal to young adults just like moi!

Describe in three words?

Sweet, sensual and strong

The bottle?

To be honest, the bottle is the first thing that draws me to it, a clear flat circle glass filled with pale rose gold liquid inside.  Three neutral colored roses in the front add a feminine touch to it, a silver and black nozzle give it a classical edge. Very sophisticated, every woman would want a bottle on her dresser.

What it smells like?

When I spray it, I immediately smell something sharp and fruity, maybe that’s the bergamot and tuber. After that it transform into this creamy thick jasmine with vanilla sweetness.

What kind of woman would wear this perfume?

Definitely not a teenager, it is for someone more mature. She’s mysterious yet approachable. Quiet yet sensual. Feminine yet in command.

What kind of occasion is suitable for this perfume?

I think this one would work in an office setting, a first date in an expensive restaurant, even to cuddle with your loved one in the night. I could see this being worn to so many events.

How about the longevity?

The first spray is quite strong. But after a few minutes it is mellows down. Sadly longevity is not good, since it is Eau de Parfum, I expect it to last at least 5 hours, but on my skin it only last around 2 hours, after that I can only detect a faint scent that is very close to the skin.

This fragrance makes me feel real in the middle of a fantasy. Valentina is real. She fills the air gently, but it is so intoxicating, you will wish that the air always smells like this. Air filled with gentleness and adoration.

Until Next Time,


Bella Karisa

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