Luncheon with Twilly d’Hermès!

When you receive an invitation from Hermes for a luncheon, you know it’s going to be a luxurious affair. Nestled in one of the most iconic locations of Mumbai in a heritage structure is the Hermes store. The minute you enter the store it transports you to a world of extravagance. Fancy silk scarves, gold and platinum crusted accessories, elegant home décor and off course their signature handbags! As I walked towards the upper floor at the store where the luncheon was happening, I couldn’t stop myself from admiring the beautifully crafted crockery. I entered a huge gallery with some of the most powerful women from the media fraternity socializing and smiling away while sipping on some champagne. Indeed a fun way by Hermès to start the festive holiday season with an intimate gathering to celebrate its newest fragrance creation, Twilly d’Hermѐs .

The table was decorated with gorgeous wildflower arrangements to rejoice the whimsical nature of the fragrance in sync with the colors of the Twilly d’Hermes scarves. I found my place at the table to find some lovely goodies and a menu with a 3-course meal. Before we started the lunch there was a brief interactive session by the Hermes team wherein they showed us some super creative ways to use the Hermes strings as accessories.

A custom menu by a renowned restaurant, The Table, followed this fun session. Lunch was absolutely delicious and lip smacking. I was left wanting for more. The Soft Shell Crab Tempura with Miso Mayo and Ginger Nam Jim and the Boneless Confit Chicken Leg with Red Cabbage and Soubise were great choices but the dessert comprising of Chocolate Ganache, Raspberries and Coffee Soil was wiped off from everyone’s plates within seconds.

To be very honest I was so busy interacting with my fellow influencers and enjoying my meal that I did not give time to the reason I was invited by the brand. I excused myself from the conversation to experience Hermès latest launch – Twilly d’Hermès – a fragrance named after the brand’s Twilly scarves, which are colorful silk scarves that can be worn in a multitude of ways, and the scent really cements the brand’s new style, which feels a little bit more accessible. Twilly the perfume is just as vibrant as the scarves and Hermès use words such as “joyous”, “impish” and “playful” to describe it. The fragrance is housed within a carriage lantern-style bottle topped by a bowler hat and finished with a Twilly tie. This fragrance is definitely young, fun and full of surprises. It’s very unlike the other Hermes fragrances. Kudos to Hermès for not giving us another fruitchouli clone. I would think any woman, of any age, could wear Twilly d’Hermès without pause. So let’s not wait any longer and give Twilly d’Hermès a sniff. A big thank you Team Hermes for an unforgettable experience.

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Bella Karisa

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