The girl with a Green Shingora Scarf!

A Shingora scarf has to be one of the most elegant, timeless and easiest accessories a girl can have in her closet. In addition to adding a bright pop of color to almost any look, they are so versatile that you can wear them in countless ways! Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you.


1. Wrist Game

Tie a scarf around your wrist as an alternative to a bracelet. You need no hand accessory when you have a scarf on your hand.

2. Cute Top-Knot/Bun

Put your hair in a bun or top-knot, and simply tie a silk scarf in a knot around the bun- alternatively take the scarf under your hair and tie in a bow on top of your head for a retro look. This style has been popular with celebrities such as Beyoncé (check out her ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ music video), Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

3. Accessorize your Handbag

A twist on the usual key chains or handbag charms, tying a scarf onto the handles of your bag will make your bag stand out from the crowd.

4. Slung Over the Shoulder

Wearing your scarf as a belt, a la Mollie King is the latest way to wear your scarf. Brighten up a classic pair of black or blue jeans with a bright printed scarf.

5. Hair band

Styling your scarf as a hairband creates a really soft, feminine look, and much comfier than a solid band.

6. Head Scarf

Taken from style icon Audrey Hepburn- the headscarf. Perfect for long drives in a convertible with the roof down, the headscarf is a glamorous way to ensure that your hair stays perfectly in place on a windy day.

My personal favourite style is the classic way of wearing a Shingora scarf. Fold it into a half diagonally and tie it like a bandana around your neck just like in the pictures. You can never go wrong with a scarf. Be it summer or fall a scarf will always be the perfect accessory!

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Bella Karisa

Bella Karisa Look :

Scarf : Shingora Shop

Jumpsuit : Ankita Choksey

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