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Wedding season has arrived! The months fly by so quickly in the run up to a wedding. A brides mind is filled to the brim with a million and one ideas and the wedding to do lists just grow and grow! With so much to do brides can often feel overwhelmed and stressed and the wedding outfits can be one of the many triggers for a little ‘bridezilla’ moment!

When the designer duo of the bridal luxury couture brand Karleo asked if I would like to get involved with their bridal venture, how could I refuse? Their bridal gowns are so dreamy and romantic! Its like they transport you to another era where everything is so whimsical and fairytale like. I love everything about what Karleo represents. Their passion for bringing bold and passionate gowns to life is nothing less than pure talent and perfect craftsmanship! A great level of detail goes into each of their pieces, which are drool worthy and nothing short of full on glam. The gowns are not only for brides but for anyone who wants to look like a diva sashaying down the red carpet.

For those of you who don’t know Karleo, they have a ‘Bridal Studio’ that offers ‘brides-to-be’ creative bridal solutions, including clothing, accessories and styling and for those of you who know me will know how much I adore every aspect of dressing up! Karleo’s gowns can make any girl weak in her knees but their accessories are even prettier. Jeweled headpieces and embellished shoes are quite the showstoppers.

I often get asked by brides ‘Can I wear a headpiece with my wedding outfit?’ I’ve found that a lot of brides are afraid to make a major fashion faux paux on their big day and more often than not, are unsure on how much is too much! The first rule when accessorizing with your wedding gown is, don’t overdo it! It may be tempting to pile on the bling and wear every piece you have ever dreamed of all at once but you must resist!!! Trust me! It’s not a good look! When in doubt less is more and the simplest additions to your wedding ensemble can prove the most effective.

Above all remember to have fun and be creative, why not seize the opportunity and design your own bespoke gown with Karleo! And finally, remember there are no rules, stay true to yourself and go with what you feel is right!

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