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Weekend is coming with the inherent relax/hangover moods, but also tons of casual-fun-styling opportunities. Come Friday, that’s when the fashion monster within me is out and I can wear whatever the hell I please. Or I can just as well not give a damn for once, but still manage to have that cool effortless vibe going on. HOW? Easy. Peasy. Statement Psquare Jewellery’s fun accessories do the trick. The BLING has this hidden secret power that it can make absolutely any, I repeat ANY outfit look amazing. I know I’m slightly biased on this one, as a bling addict, but I’ve noticed that even if you don’t pile on jewellery like a mad jewellery-piler and you just choose to keep it simple, it still works. My new crush and secret accessories weapon to get the job done is trendy chokers and shiny long dangling earrings.

When I received these 2 amazing pieces from Psquare Jewellery, I was so happy. Let me just say, ecstatic does not begin to cover my mood. I LOVE their pieces, and if I had my way, I’d wear them almost all the time, with the risqué of being fashion redundant. But I just can’t help myself.

The choker, it got me, so many compliments and I can wear it with anything, as both a dare and love affair towards it. It looks amazing with anything from a plain T-shirt, to an office silky top & blazer, jersey tops, dresses – this gold & black dramatic feminine piece blends in perfectly with any outfit. Quality? Check. (I’ve worn it the entire day and it’s still as good as new). This look, it felt edgy-glam and kinda cool a little bit. But then again, when it comes to bling, nothing is too much for me.

The Earrings, I’ve always wanted statement yet quite classy earrings. I love dangling pieces, as it feels they’re enough of a statement without being too much. I’ve worn mine with a feminine off shouldered dress and loved the girly look.

Psquare Jewellery, they’ve got TONS of fabulous jewellery, incredibly affordable! Colored, silver, gold, fun, funky, elegant, edgy, rock, glamorous, modern, classy – from necklaces, body chains, to bracelets, to earrings – they’ve got it all. Bling, be it statement or not, is the best style investment a girl can make. Definitely one of my faves!

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Bella Karisa




















Bella Karisa Look 1:

Dress: Forever 21

Jewellery : Psquare

Bag : Chloe

Heels : Steve Madden

Bella Karisa Look 2:

Blazer : Zara

Crop Top : Forever 21

Pants : River Island

Jewellery : Psquare

Heels : Steve Madden

Photography : Steve Madden

Location Courtesy : The Little Door

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