Devil wears Prada Eyewear!

You may be worried about wearing glasses because of the way people stereotype you at first sight. Well, if you can manage to groom your look well, you may just make wearing glasses a style statement! Picking out the perfect glasses for your face shape isn’t as easy as you might think. There are frame shapes that will enhance your best facial features, and there are frames that… won’t. Ten years from now, you won’t want to look back at your photos and think: “those glasses looked terrible on me!” Don’t worry, I recently got my hands on some fancy  Prada eyewear and they are sure to remain fashionable and trendy for a long long time.

So, how do you know which optical are right for you? A few tips that I always opt at to look less geeky while wearing glasses are by browsing through fashion magazines, blogs, and eye care websites to see which look is best suitable for me. If you have a friend who rocks the hipster intellectual look, then decide whether you can do the same. Let your style be unique, however.

I firmly stick by a few parameters before deciding my glasses which I’m going to share with you’ll.

Your glasses should suit your fashion sense

Make sure your glasses compliment what you wear. Just like your belt or your jewellery, your glasses will add a defining touch to your style sense. Prada eyewear has plenty of options to suit everyone’s requirements. They range from quirky, stylish, geeky and trendy depending on what you’re looking for.

Select frames

Frames must be able to match your face shape and size otherwise you may end up looking super geeky. First, you’ll need to figure out whether your face is heart, round, oval, or square. I suggest asking a friend, looking in the mirror, or taking a selfie. Once you’ve found your face shape, then you can begin to pick glasses that will complement your features. I have an oval face, so a few guidelines which I follow while choosing my glasses are:

Suitable for oval faces:

  • Glasses with smooth-lined frames: rectangular, oval, round.
  • “Cat’s eyes” glasses.


Not suitable for oval faces:

  • Glasses with sharply defined edges.
  • Glasses that appear too massive.
  • Glasses that look too wide.
  • Narrow frames.

As you can see, I’ve created 2 looks sporting my Prada glasses. In the first look, the combination  of velvet inserts gives it a modern twist. It’s also available in the season’s colours:  Light Blue, Fuchsia, Black Cherry, Camel and Black with Prada lettering.

The second look is a fine mix of acetate and metal on the geometric-shaped cat-eye style. The frame comes in metal tones of Black, Burgundy, Dove and Slate


Make sure your hair is styled well to ensure that you don’t look like a geek. Most people tend to blame others for calling them geeks because they have glasses, not realizing that they portray themselves as geeks. Invest time on yourself, style your hair well, look after yourself to make sure people don’t judge you incorrectly based on your look.


Attitude is a major issue when it comes to rocking eyewear. If you manage to feel good in what you wear, you will look good in what you wear. Even the geekiest of looks can look cool if you rock it with style.

Lucky for you, I made a guide to make the process as easy as possible. My recent go-to brand for glasses has always been Prada eyewear .. it helps me make a bold statement and feel a lot more confident in my skin! So don’t shy away from glasses.. own them and flaunt them with ease and style!

Until Next Time


Bella Karisa

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