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In my wide-eyed childhood, I’d like to believe the faster car is the better car. When a fancy car passed by me on the road, my eyes would light up in excitement! Not only as a child but till today when I spot a glitzy auto mobile i always wish that someday I’ll own this baby. A sports car car is just so aspirational not only for boys but girls as well. You can call it a status symbol or simply the love for speed. Owning one these gorgeous beauties is a sign of prestige, power and elitism. Sports car awesomeness is measured in 0-100 kmph times and top speed bragging rights. Faster is simply better. But the experience of actually driving these cars (yes, it’s okay for you to hate me) turned that theory on its head. A great driving experience is exactly that – an experience. Speed is certainly an important prerequisite, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. The best sports cars are the ones that elicit giddy head rushes, silly smiles and a sweeping sense of euphoria. These things come in the way a car turns, the sensations it generates through the steering wheel and the all-round connection between man and machine. It’s why I have fonder memories of the Porsche Boxster S, widely regarded as the best sports car in the world!

Its a given that unless you’re the type of person who does not desire the approval of others, the second generation Porsche Boxster S is not meant for you. This mean machine aka ‘beast’ (I’ve given it this nickname) is a perfect choice for anyone who loves driving. This car is not only eye catching but the power it has is unimaginable. Sports cars are a symbol of ultimate luxury and supremacy. It greatly contributes towards building a social standing in society which today’s generation craves for. Its a display of immense wealth and aristocracy. Thats because these babies burn a massive hole in your pocket and the common man can only lust after it when they see it on the road or in a magazine!

For me, this car is a dream car. The sheer bliss of driving one was a great experience which I will cherish forever. It not only looks oh-so-fancy but is a true road rager. I wish we had the roads in Mumbai to do justice to this car, but none the less, the joy and adrenaline rush is totally worth it!

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