New Year New Me! – Resolutions for 2018

As I perused my usual blogs and websites this past week, I noticed an interesting and somewhat disheartening trend: an onslaught of beauty and appearance-focused New Year’s resolution 2018 suggestions. Okay, I’ll be honest…this isnt the first time I’ve noticed this. But this time I’m going to do more than, well, just complain. I can hear the sighs of relief as you all thank God this isn’t another weekly kvetch.

Instead, I’ve decided to make a list of keep-worthy resolutions that focus on a bit more than the exterior. In writing them out, I’m hoping I’ll be inspired to take on a few.

1. Instead of boycotting brownies, why not try boycotting questionable brands. My favorite “ooh their clothes and bags are stunning but their approach is horrible! A sincere request to boycott brands endorsing the use of fur and exotic skin in support of animal cruelty! So perhaps, this is the year to finally start shopping elsewhere for that classic fur coat and limited edition crocodile skin birkin.

2. Instead of spending endless hours watching DIY videos on how to get your hair to look like Lady Gaga’s, support women empowerment.

3. Instead of watching Mean Girls for the tenth time to plan a new pink outfit, take a stand against bullying. Whether it’s standing up for a peer in school, or joining an online community to fight against the epidemic or at your work place, as I learned a month ago, you CAN make a difference with one small action. But, if you do opt to watch Mean Girls again, you should get a full double dose of Tina Fey and read her book Bossypants afterward. Woman knows funny.

4. Trade in one of your lady mags for the TIME magazine. This is BY FAR one of the most encouraging magazines which might inspire you to one day be on its cover.

5. Instead of just wishing you had the Williams sisters’ abs, try out a new sport. If your school doesn’t have teams, join a league in your neighborhood or take a sports-themed class, like racquetball at your local gym. Who cares if you aren’t ready to go pro—as I learned in eleventh grade, playing a sport you’re not great at can actually be really fun. Everybody loves an underdog.

6. Instead of just stocking up on the latest beauty products Vogue tells you to buy, support companies that promote a more all-encompassing image of beauty. While I definitely have some issues with Dove and Bare Minerals’ claims that they depict beauty in every shape and size, I like that they attempt to put forth a fresh image.

7.If you’re lucky enough to plan your next vacation in a sunny place where you can veg out, apply to an internship. While I definitely know the merit of a nice long nap in the sun, you’ll have a whole slew of summer breaks in the future to tan on your patio. Internships can have a big impact on your life. Maybe an even bigger impact than that awesome tan you got last summer…believe it or not.

8.Instead of resolving to gab less with new guys you meet, watch other people gab by watching some youtube Ted talks. Ted is a great organization that promotes short, entertaining speeches of “ideas worth sharing.” Although most Ted speakers are adults, I did a Tedx talk last year, and there are a lot of teen-focused Ted events.

9. Instead of choosing a diet that you think will benefit your butt in that new leather skirt you got for Christmas, choose a diet that will benefit your community. I recently watched the documentary film Food Inc. and was astounded to find out that most of the food I eat, in addition to going through some pretty gross processes before it reaches me, is hurting plants, people, and animals in our environment. If you’re interested in this subject, I’d also recommend Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which I am in the process of reading. I guarantee some not-so-pleasant, but very important surprises.

10. Lastly learn to be happy with what I have! Less is always more..

Hopefully, this list of slightly harder hitting resolution suggestions will inspire you, as researching it inspired me! And while it’s going to be hard to give up my fancy  bags and McDonald’s fries, I’m going to try my best to keep some of these resolutions. Happy 2018!

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Bella Karisa

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