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 It would seem that every time I do a hair related post I just complain about my fine, limp hair. I hate to say it, but this post will start off the same way. Lol..I have super fine hair. A lot of it …but super fine. I have tried everything to give my hair more volume. I blow-dry it upside down, I use a root lifter, I use huge velcro rollers, I tease it. Heck, I thought cutting my hair off would help, but sadly it didn’t. Within minutes my hair will start to untangle itself and return to its flat, limp self. Out of pure frustration I am now turning to trying all forms of volumizing products I can get my hands on. To start of with is the Morrocanoil Volume Range.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Morrocanoil Serum. I call it my miracle worker. So happy was I with the first ever product that I tried from this brand that my expectations were sky high before even trying the volume range. To my surprise the Morrocanoil Volume range exceeded beyond my expectations.

It comprises of 4 products. Morrocanoil Extra Volume Shampoo, Conditioner, Volume Mousse and Root Boost.

Morrocanoil Extra Volume Shampoo

 It’s absolutely non greasy.  It is very thick and rich–the first time I used it, I used a quarter size drop and had lather for days! You only need a pea-sized amount, it lathers beautifully and smells fabulous! Being that these are unisex hair products, it leaves a refreshing, kind of sexy, playful scent lingering in your hair. But what was I looking for the most post a wash? Volume! Did I get it? It definitely added a little bit of natural volume to my hair, best explained as a little air cushion around each strand of hair. It is minor, but because I was looking out for it I could see it. I found the result was even more impressive when I blow-dried my hair upside down instead of just letting it air dry (which I do most of the time)

 Morrocanoil Extra Volume Conditioner

 It works really well and leaves my hair looking healthy and shiny, yet still with a little ‘oomph’. Just a coin size amount does the trick.

Morrocanoil Volumizing Mousse

 The Mousse is the bomb! I applied it to shampooed and towel-dried hair. Its very important to shake the can well, hold it upside down, and spray a decent-size amount of mousse onto the palm of the hand. Then gently spread it through hair with comb or your fingers. When you apply mousse the result is not that great if you let it air dry. For a gorgeous mane you need to blow-dry or style with fingers.

 Morrocanoil Root Boost

Root Boost is key to giving my fine hair more volume and bounce. After I towel dry, I spray on my roots and rub in at the scalp. I can see the volume immediately when blow-drying my hair after using root boost and it’s doesn’t feel sticky in my hair. I’ve even used this on dry hair the next day to plump up my tresses and it works!

 These products are all about volume so while the above points are great, it doesn’t mean much to me if the volume thing does not happen. I found that the shampoo and conditioner definitely added a little bit of natural volume to my hair, but the mousse and the root boost need that extra heat for the bounce to show. Overall verdict: WORTH IT! This is one of those hair care ranges that I simply cannot stop raving about. Now I completely understand why women all around the world swear by Morrocanoil and I’m one of them!

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