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Hair? Who cares about hair? I never did, or maybe I just took it for granted. If you spend countless hours struggling with frizz, split-ends, begging them to hold a wave or wishing they could magically transform  overnight, this article is for you! As a part of my profession and due to a hectic social life it’s becoming very difficult to manage my hair. I very often do not give due attention and as a result it started to feel dry, brittle and frizzy. Constant styling, frazzling of heated rollers and the ever changing weather conditions left my hair wiry and damp. The shabbiness started showing very evidently and that’s when I realized that my locks need desperate help!

I had always read about Moroccanoil in magazines and online. What also caught my fancy was that it was crowned as a pioneer of all new oil treatment in the hair care category. More so, Moroccanoil had become a runaway hit among fashion and beauty insiders and had generated a devoted following among top stylists and their A-list celebrity clients. Intrigued by all the razzmatazz surrounding this product I decided to try it out and see the results myself.


I followed all the application instructions to the ‘T’

Step 1

Applied 1-2 Pumps of the product on towel dried hair


Step 2

Worked the product through the mid lengths to the ends of my hair avoiding the roots


Step 3

Gently ran the product through my hair using my fingers to avoid hair breakage


Step 4

Let it dry naturally or style it like I normally would.


Post this I was amazed at how easily the hair dries and how manageable it was. I’ve been following this routine since July religiously and now I can safely say that Moroccanoil is a little miracle worker. In a span of 1 week  I could notice a dramatic change. My hair felt supple, healthy and shining. The best part, not greasy and weighed down at all and the smell is AMAZING! I don’t know how to describe it but it’s sweet without being overpowering and it is such a joy to have it linger throughout the day.


This magic potion totally rejuvenated and moisturised my hair. Not only do I use it on towel dried hair, but on a day when I feel my locks are too dull or my fly-aways need to be tamed, I use a pump on dry hair and Voila, smooth, glossy and silky hair!  I have had so many experiences of using serums, and then my hair feeling really greasy but this hasn’t happened with Moroccanoil and thats why it’s safe for me to say that this product has lived upto to its claim of delivering shine, protection and speed up drying time along with nourishing my hair. I have used it as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool and it has worked wonders. Moroccanoil’s versatility is its best selling point. You don’t have to restrict yourself to use it as a hair serum. You can apply it on your skin to improve its softness and combat wrinkles, or on your nails to help make them grow stronger and longer.


So look no further!  If there is one compliment I get from strangers whenever I am in the world, it always is: You have really nice hair! What do you do to have such beautiful hair? Moroccanoil is the answer. It is my go-to product. Time to say bye-bye to those nasty split-ends and a big hello to beautiful, healthy, natural looking hair!


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Bella Karisa Look:

Dress: HM

Accessories: River Island

Photographer: Sai Ghatpande

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