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We are chatting all things smooth today with the new Moroccanoil Smooth collection! Now that it’s officially winter, it’s time to switch up my daily hair care routine for something intense and hydrating. We all know that using the correct hair care products, designed for your specific hair type, wants and needs, paired with the correct styling tools, can have you in your winter clothes sooner and out the door quicker. During the colder months I tend to opt for a hair care system that I don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror fussing over. Our hair is under consistent stress, between blow-outs, the environment and over processing, it’s often left feeling dry, damaged and brittle. In such a situation, the Moroccanoil Smooth Collection is a girl’s dream come true.

Not only is it designed to combat and control frizz, its light enough for daily use without weighting it down. It helps to smooth and tame the hair, while strengthening against future damage, conditioning and hydrating each strand and leaving behind an incredibly silky finish ready to take on the day.

There’s a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and a smoothing lotion. In true Moroccanoil fashion everything smells amazing. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love the scents attached to Moroccanoil products, it’s heavenly. I put all these products to the test over this past week, and I can honestly say, you can see dramatic results in as little as a few washes. By day 7, and yes, I wash my hair almost daily, it looked smoother and completely fly-a-way free, without the use of any other products.

Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo has a white, slightly watery, yet creamy texture that does a wonderful job at cleaning the hair of dirt, oil and product buildup. Although it washes clean away, it is a fairly rich moisturizing shampoo, so therefore, it’s not completely weightless. It does feel a little heavy on my thin hair, but those with thick, course, dry hair will love it. This product reduces frizz but not too much. So if you’re looking for a super strength frizz remover, this won’t do the job.  It does however, tame your hair and smoothens it out.

Moroccanoil Smoothing Conditioner left my hair healthy-looking, calm and manageable. When used with Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo, results can last up to 72 hours.” I usually only condition my ends, so instead of a deep conditioning mask for the week I used this in place of it. It did reduce my flat iron usage by at least 75%. Be careful to not go overboard, otherwise you will run the risk of it looking weighted down and greasy, but it instantly goes to work to penetrate deep down into the hair cuticles to provide moisture and shine. Although my hair is incredibly fine, when I use the correct amount, about a dime size, it helps to add moisture and hydration back into my dry hair for days to come. It absorbs fairly quickly and you can feel it working its magic to detangle any knots you may be experiencing that day, while smoothing and calming frizz and fly-a-ways. Even before I take my curler to my hair, it’s already more manageable and sleeker, which means less heat damage. Added bonus, my hair already feels stronger, with less breakage than it did a week ago. It also doesn’t interfere with my extremely colour treated dark hair, or strip the colour, or make it fade quicker, which is something I look for in a good conditioner.

Moroccanoil Smoothing Hair Mask If you have dry, parched, thirsty for moisture hair, you’re going to love this hair mask. If you just have slightly dry or normal hair, you might find this incredibly thick and creamy conditioner a little too rich and heavy for your liking. Although it does an amazing job at sealing in moisture loss for a velvety smooth, high shine finish, it’s a little too intense and dense for my fine hair.

Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion  is an “All-in-one blow-dry lotion for effortless styling and leaves hair touchably soft, smooth and manageable. Its lightweight formula provides a medium hold and definition while taming frizz and resisting humidity.” If you are looking to have the perfect salon like blow-out at home you NEED this product in your life. My hair has been keeping volume and denying frizz for days when using this before I blow dry. Cuts drying time by at least 50% and keeps your hair completely smooth for days after.

This is one of those product ranges that I just can’t stop gushing about. Overall I am thrilled with this line of products. They truly live up to the Moroccanoil brand and are an awesome addition to the collection! What do you think? Will you try the Moroccanoil Smooth line?

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