Summer Must Have – Mint Green Hue!

It’s said that green is one of the hardest shades to pull off. This is probably why I don’t own anything in that colour. That being said, mint green is one of the hottest hues for summer. There’s something about pastels in the summer that feels incredibly fresh. It’s the colour of coolness, freshness and a crisp sea breeze. It’s a slightly softer shade than your typical vibrant green or even turquoise, allowing it to be more universally flattering on all skin tones. It looks fabulous with your basic white, blacks, beiges and nudes, allowing it to be easily styled.

Despite being such a chic and pretty colour, mint green can look disastrously wrong if not styled the correct way. Pay close attention to your own skin tone and the shades you pair it with. It’s extremely important to pick the right shade of mint green. Take a closer look at your undertones, hair colour and even eye colour. If you have dark hair like myself, a light hint of mint will be best. For all my blondes, you have the option of experimenting with slightly darker mint hues. Don’t be afraid to try the clothes on, try different lightening and different angles.

Now that you have the most flattering mint shade for your skin tone, what do you pair it with? The shade is bold enough on its own, so don’t be scared to pair it with all your favourite neutrals. If you’re looking to have fun with colour, soft pastel shades of pink, coral and teal look amazing. Navy is an excellent alternative to white and black, as it flatters more skin tones and isn’t as hash as black.

Mint is the perfect summer shade and it works for most occasions. You can wear it for a weekend stroll in the park or an evening of delicious drinks on the patio with friends. It’s also work appropriate and is also perfect for summer weddings. It looks wonderful for special events, and is eye-catching without being obnoxious

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Bella Karisa

Bella Karisa Look:

Jumpsuit : Ankita Choksey

Flats : Tresmode

Photography : Ridge Fernandes

Location: Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

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