Is Michael Kors still cool?

I have to admit, I haven’t been reaching for my Michael Kors bags as much as I used to. I remember the day when the brand felt exclusive, now it just seems to be overexposed. Everyone and their mothers have one and it’s lost it level of luxury somewhere along the way. Much like Furla purses, everyone is walking around with the same bag and it’s no longer unique. Too many celebrities, street-style influencers and fashion lovers have hyped-up the brand and it’s now somewhat annoying. When a luxury brand is found everywhere, it begins to feel ordinary. I’ve kind off lost interested in the bags but on the other hand developed a new found interest in the Michael Kors ready-to-wear Pret line!

The pret collection is totally underrated! Its young, cool and hip. The silhouettes are fun and they appeal to more senses then five. Just like this trench which I’m wearing. The vibe is so easy and classic. It fits like a dream and does not burn a hole in my pocket. I can wear this during the summer and fall months and it still wont go out of fashion. It’s definitely worth giving this collection another look. I know that in Mumbai you only get the bags, shoes and accessories of Michael Kors but those traveling abroad do check out their clothing and let me know what you think. I fell in love with it and I’m sure you will too.

I really want to know from you whether Michael Kors is still cool? I still have a few handbags in my collection that I still love and will continue to reach for, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing a new one in the future. On the other hand, the brands clothing collections – I WANT THEM ALL!

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Bella Karisa

Bella Karisa Look:

Trench Coat : Michael Kors

Crop Top + Skirt : Zara

Scarf : Givenchy

Accessories : Dior

Heels : Paper Dolls UK

Hand bag : Dior

Photography : Mohit Varu

Hair and Makeup : Afreen Shaikh

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