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He proposed. You agreed. He set the date. You started deciding on your dream wedding. All he wanted was for you to be his forever and all you wanted was to make sure that it’s the best day of your lives! Everything had to be perfect! Now, it was all about getting all your ducks in a row before you walk down the aisle. Every bride wants to look faultless on her wedding day, and nothing can make the difference in photos more than devoting time before hand to achieving that perfect look. I so well remember how nervous I was before my wedding day. Running helter-skelter, panic attacks, last minute dance practices was driving me up the wall. But from my experience all I would recommend a bride to do is just relax and look after herself. All you need to worry about is what you’re going to wear, how pretty you are going to look with your makeup on and how gorgeous your tresses will be! Your outfit and makeup is definitely a priority but your hair also needs a makeover. Ever heard ‘Hair Color is the new Makeup?’ Well its true and Matrix India has got you covered with its spectacular range of hair color shades.

I decided to do something bold before my wedding day. It was a gamble but trust me it paid of well. I had never colored my locks before. I was too scared that it would cause harm in the long run. But it was the biggest day of my life, a bold step indeed so a little experiment would not hurt. I took the plunge and colored my hair in shades of deep browns, mahogany with a little mix of blonde streaks from Matrix India’s new range. Anxious as hell to see the end result and here it is for all to see. Shiny, smooth, glowing, flawless hair. My entire appearance had changed drastically. I looked like a new person. It was like a complete makeover. Just like make up can transform the way your skin looks, your hair color can transform your overall look. In fact hair color is make up for your hair. It adds glamour to any style. I feel that hair color is all about expression of your personal style and  Matrix India empowers this! Be it a beach, garden or a royal wedding, one can experiment with different colours to suit the mood of a Destination Bride and Matrix has crafted  3 looks to celebrate Destination weddings through hair color. Here is a glimpse of it.

The collection features colors that make up the Boho Beach Bride, Modern Maharani Bride,  and the Ethereal Garden Bride. The shades are spectacular and definitely worth keeping an eye out for. You can check out the entire range on their website Hair color is surely the new makeup for brides. It’s a transformation that uplifts your look to another level. So ahead and embrace this change. Don’t shy away.

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Bella Karisa

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