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I have always been open to experimenting with my hair when it comes to cut and style. In my journey as an influencer you must have seen the many hair changes that I’ve done. From extremely long hair to cutting it into a bob, from poker straight hair to a perm, I’ve tried it all! The only thing I haven’t tried is coloring my hair. It’s not like I’ve never colored my hair ever but its just that I’m never happy or satisfied after the color. I’ve had a bad experience after which I completely stayed away from it. I had a lot of preconceived notions about hair starting to grey after coloring it, color fading, hair quality deteriorating etc.. But I have to applaud the Matrix India Team to keep the faith alive in me.

I entered the Matrix academy nervous as a wreck! Hair color is something, which is so permanent. It’s going to completely change the way I look for a while. Since it’s got so much to do with appearances I was extremely apprehensive. Every step I took towards the technical center in the Matrix office where the color session would happen, a thousand questions ran through my mind! “How will I look?” “What if something goes wrong?” “What if they color my hair blonde by mistake?” I was introduced to the team of experts who would be working on my hair. After a brief consultation we were about to begin the process. I shut my eyes, took a deep breath and tried to stay as calm as I could.

Original hair before the experiential began

The process started with a thorough shampoo to wash off all the grease and grime from my hair followed by the conditioner to soften and detangle the tresses. While the conditioner was left on to work its way, a quick massage of the scalp by the attendant was so soothing.  A speedy rinse followed by a blast dry and I was ready for my color.

Hair wash, conditioner and detangling of the hair

Matrix has by far an exhaustive color palette to choose from. To make the decision easier, they have Destination Brides, a hair color and style collection inspired from the beautiful wedding destinations. I was given an option to choose from 3 distinct, hairstylist-crafted, unique bridal looks, which the Matrix team had created.

Modern Maharani Bride:A modern yet classy look inspired by the regal palaces

Boho Beach Bride:Reflecting the free spirit of the open sea and skies

Ethereal Garden Bride:Inspired by lush and pure nature

With the wedding and festive season upon us, I really wanted a color that can complete my look on those special occasions. So confused was I that I just left it to the experts to work their magic. The hair color shades, which were decided depending on my face cut and skin tone, were Matrix SoColor Gold palette Shade numbers 5.3, 7.3, 12.35 to recreate the Modern Maharani Bride Look. I sat there patiently wondering how the whole look would shape up. Finally after a while it was time to wash off the color and I could feel the excitement and nervousness building up. I could see shades of the Gold palette while my hair was still wet. The hair color intensified as my hair was being dried. VERDICT: I LOVED IT!

Shade numbers 5.3, 7.3, 12.35

Blow dry post the hair colour

First Look of the hair colour

It was a gorgeous makeover by the Matrix India Team! I was no longer stressed or worried. A broad grin was plastered across my face after I saw the final outcome. The color was beautiful and complemented my style. The Modern Maharani Bride Look from Matrix India’s #DestinationBride hair color collection worked so well for me that I decided to recreate the entire look with a fancy hair up do which harmonized their theme.  The curling tools were out and the braid game was on point. Here’s the final look for you all to see.

Hair style in process 

I always feel that hair color is something very personal. I’ve met many brides who want to do something very drastic just because they are getting married and want to look different. Most of us cannot visualize how the hair color outcome will be. We always just go with what our stylists suggest without putting in a thought based on our likes and dislikes. I’ve done this many a times. But I think it’s necessary to have a basic know-how of what color family do you want. After all it’s you who has to live with the change. My hair color was subtle yet uplifted the way I looked totally. The highlights stand out like the rays of the sun from behind the clouds. The global hair color was such a refreshing change from my previous drab look. Faiyaz Sheikh and his team took such good care of me at the Matrix academy and even gave me their post color hair care range comprising of the Biolage Colorlast shampoo and conditioner to maintain salon-like color vibrancy of up to 9 weeks!

Team Matrix India, you have definitely helped me get over my fear of hair color. I don’t think I will shy away from it every again. In fact I’m waiting to see what else do you have in store for me.

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Bella Karisa

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