Love those Lips with Bobbi Brown!


One thing that you will always find in my bag has to be my lip-gloss! It’s my latest make up obsession. See, we all go through phases when we get attracted to certain kind of products – I went through the pink phase, the gothic cocoa bean brown phase, diva red phase, plum lipstick phase, coral lipstick phase, neon shades phase and currently, seems like I am in my lip gloss phase!


To be honest, I never really was a lip-gloss kinda gal. For me it always would be a bright matte lipstick or a basic tinted lip balm. This changed the instant I got these fabulous Bobbi Brown Lip Glosses. After applying these I felt like a lip-gloss instantly lifts the look and glamorizes your persona.They are a little thick in texture as compared to the other glosses I’ve used before and that’s a good thing as it lasts longer. It feels smooth and has a bit of substance to it, which allows it to stay on the lips for several hours. The formula is sticky but I don’t mind it because non-sticky glosses hardly stay for 15-20 minutes, at least that’s what I have experienced. I hate to see my lip-gloss disappear at the first sign of a sip of water or vanish after hardly any time of wear. I don’t know how but I somehow land up eating my gloss and have to keep reapplying every few hours! But this lip-gloss stays on for much longer. So I don’t mind a little texture on my lips and overall I quite like the formula too. It’s not quite as sticky as MAC Lip glass, but it’s way more hydrating, which is perfect for me as my lips are very dry and dehydrated. You will not need a layer of lip-balm beneath it. I sometimes also use it in place of my balm and it takes care of the dryness.


The shades, which I personally love, are Nectar 44, Tangerine15 and Rosy 22. They not only look pretty in the tube but swatch beautifully too. These Lip Glosses are my first introduction to the classic formula. They come in the traditional square tube with black detailing. The glosses have doe-foot applicators, and they have a very slight vanilla smell. The formula is quite sheer- so even though they may look a little bright and vibrant in the tube (especially Tangerine), they go on with barely any color. Its perfect if you’re looking for a subtle hint of color and shine.

Nectar 44 is a beautiful coral pinkish shade

Tangerine 15 is more on the orange tones

Rosy 22 is a bright pink shade


Wearing a gloss adds that sexiness that every girl wants. That extra bit of shine and shimmer enhances that oomph element which is good for a perfect night out or a casual scene with your friends. It also tends to keep the lips moisturized as compared to the matte lipsticks, which crease and look ugly! So glam up your look and love your lips with Bobbi Brown’s Lip Glosses my darlings!!


Until Next Time


Bella Karisa

Photo Credits: Sai Ghatpande

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