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Beauty is from within and I truly believe this. I mean anyone can look like a million bucks with fabulous makeup and a trip to the salon to get those tresses looking drop dead gorgeous. But true beauty is from the way you handle it at the base level. What you feed your body will reflect on your skin, same way, what you expose your scalp to will reflect on your hair!

I’ve done a number of posts on various products for lovely, strong and luscious hair, but never really gave importance to the roots, my SCALP! There was a time when I was afraid to wear black clothes. Whenever I would look down upon my shoulder I could see a dust of white flakes and honestly, it was terribly embarrassing. At that instance I would remember my mom! When I was a child, she would constantly yell at me to oil my hair. I would frown, make faces, run away from it, but she was a Lady Hitler! There was just no escaping. That weekly oil tradition which our moms always stressed on is so important. It strengthens the base of our hair and nourishes it for a healthy scalp. I wish I had the time now to follow the oil massage routine but with our hectic schedules, it’s almost next to impossible. But worry not girlies! Matrix Biolage Advanced Scalppure Range is the perfect answer to our dandruff woes and flaky scalps.

Scalppure Range is what I call the Scalp Spa Treatment. It’s a step-by-step procedure which when followed diligently gives you a very desirable result. The shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp squeaky clean. The conditioner when left on for about 5-7 mins softens the locks, but what I love the most is the Scalppure Serum! It works like magic. Post the conditioning, you apply this non-sticky serum directly onto the scalp in small quantities by parting the hair. Allow it to seep into the scalp for that extra hydration to avoid flakiness. This product gives the scalp that extra TLC which it requires the most. The entire 3 step process may seem long and tedious, but trust me! It barely takes anytime. More so the effect is so good and long lasting that you don’t mind putting in a little more effort to make sure that your scalp and hair are in a healthy condition. After all #ItsAllAboutTheBase

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