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I love traveling and that’s no hidden fact! Every opportunity I get to explore a new destination, my bags are packed in no time. When I think of Israel, all I can dream about are the white sandy beaches, ancient history and archeology, trendy vibe of the metros and the incredible nightlife. The sunny coast of Tel Aviv and Eilat, sacred city of Jerusalem, dip in the dead sea and the beauty of the barren desert, Israel is a country that has it all! Truly a traveler’s paradise! This time I was lucky to get a chance to experience the royal Israeli hospitality. Off course not by visiting Israel but by bringing Israel to me. Confused? I’ll Explain it all..

I started driving early in the morning towards Gateway of India, Mumbai. I was kind of rushing so that I did not miss my jet boat ride. Luckily the roads were empty and I made it on time. Off we sailed towards Alibaug, the beach heaven away from the bustle of Mumbai. The speed boat ride was then followed by a quick drive to ‘A World Away’ the idyllic cooking studio which is set up by the world renowned Israeli Chef Moshe. Still confused? Let me explain.. A selected group of key influencers and journalists were whisked away by the Israel Tourism Board to experience the ethnicity and understand the essence of Israeli food culture. As we walked into Chef Moshe’s kitchen, I was awe struck. I felt I’ve arrived at the master chef kitchen. State of the art kitchenette with modern equipment and benches for us all was prepared before hand. AlI we had to do was just start cooking!

Chef Moshe spoke to us about the essence of Israeli food and then gave us a hands on experience on cooking some of the classic recipes. He showed us how to prepare hummous, muhammarah, pita bread, quinoa-la-fels, roasted cauliflower and pomegranate salad and baba ganooj and we followed in his footsteps putting our culinary skills to test. I was kind of struggling at the beginning but then managed to pick up pace and catch up with the others. The recipes are so simple and easy to make. Chef Moshe sure has magic in his hands. The food was fantastic. I specially enjoyed the Pita bread making session. Rolling the dough out was not as easy as it looked. It took a lot of effort and several chances for me to roll out my pita bread.

Post our cooking exercise we all assembled in the dining area to gorge on all the delicious food that we had prepared along with a feast made my Chef Moshe himself. It felt like one big family as well enjoyed a meal together and broke bread. We couldn’t make it to Israel but this experience was so good that Israel is definitely on my buck list now. I’m sure sooner or later you will see me there but for now I’m going to satisfy myself with the yummy Israeli food!

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Bella Karisa

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