What happens in Ibiza, Stays in Ibiza!


Travelling is my oxygen! Work life, social appearances, and household chores can get so stressful beyond a point that it makes me cringe sometimes. A break from this daily routine is a necessity for me to regain my sanity and focus on all things coming my way. I’m kind of bitten by the travel bug perpetually. Every two months there’s an alarm bell in my head that goes off saying its time to pack and discover another world, learn new cultures, explore new traditions and experiment with yummy local cuisines. So, a couple of weeks ago when my friend called and said that we’re going on a holiday to celebrate her birthday, I was ecstatic! The suitcases were out, last minute shopping was in full swing, cash stacked, bags packed and in no time I had embarked on a crazy, fun filled summer vacation to the land of the sun, sea and sand, Spain! We toured the whole of Spain right from the small towns to big cities but what had us all most excited was the party capital of the world, IBIZA! Spain’s “White Island” as everyone calls it.

This island that never sleeps was on my travel bucket list for years and who knew it! I had finally arrived into the territory of all-night raves! Though I’ve posted a few pictures on my instagram, it has not done complete justice to what I have seen and experienced! This island is so much more than its hard-partying reputation and here I’m going to show you Ibiza through my eyes.


Best time to go

Best time to visit is during the summer. Summer lasts from May-October, however June to September is the warmest. During the month of August you will be tanned and burnt (like I was) its brutally hot and unbearable! November to April is much quieter and relatively dead. According to me September is the best time to visit. That’s when the big crowds are gone and the selected ones emerge to enjoy what only can be enjoyed here in at this time of year: soft vibes and closing parties.

Pick a killer hotel

Finding the right accommodation is key. Though there are charming hotels on the island, the best area to stay is definitely Playa d’En Bossa

For all the night birds and party lovers Ushuaia Hotel is your best option. This hotel perfectly captures the spirit of Ibiza. Its luxury personified with each room having a spectacular view of the sea. Extremely centrally located but sure to burn a huge hole in your pocket especially during peak season.

Hard Rock Hotel is right next door to Ushuaia Hotel and also a very good option. This hotel is the perfect blend of luxury and affordability.

For the pocket conscious tourists there is the Al Garb Hotel, which is around 15 minutes, walk away from the central area and party zone. This hotel calls itself a 4 star but in reality it’s a 3 star hotel. So do not expect too much from this. You have a clean toilet and clean sheets that’s all that I can say!


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Pics: Ushuaia Hotel

Dance until dawn

When in Ibiza, the mission is just EAT-NO SLEEP-RAGE-REPEAT! No one comes to Ibiza without visiting at least one nightclub and they sure should not be missed for the sheer size, grandeur and experience.

Parties just don’t stop be it in the day or at night. I personally prefer day parties where you just lounge at the beach. Take a dip in the club’s pool. Order some yummy sangrias and temp up towards the evening.

Ushuaia is the hot favourite where the parties start at 4 pm till mid night and world famous DJs like Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Axwell, Hardwell pump up the volume and keep you dancing as the sun sets! Besides this you also have other clubs like Space, Amnesia, Pacha and Flower Power, which host innumerable DJs and champagne showers like never seen before.



Eat your heart out

I couldn’t ask for more! Ibiza is a food haven for all travellers with a passion for world cuisine. Everyday was like a feast. Right from gorging on seafood paella, fresh Italian burratas, tempura prawns to the classic cheese burgers, there’s no dearth of mouth watering food. Armed with a list of recommendations from a friend and Ibiza regular, I planned our days around food and fun. Our favourite lunch spots were:

Nassau Beach Club- I could practically live here! This place draws the well-heeled travellers who settle in to dine on gourmet sushi and local seafood. We accessed the beachside via a wood-plank walkway surrounded by plush lounge chairs and cocktail stands. Once here, all I did was not budge from my daybed and sipped cold beer. I watched this luxurious expanse of sand, skin and sun worshippers soak up the rays, sip sugary sweet cocktails, or just spend hours in the dedicated massage tent. Totally my kind of a holiday!



Blue Marlin Beach Club- There’s a see-and-be-seen vibe, for sure – and prices to match – but the atmosphere at Blue Marlin remains chill as new friends are made over bottles of Moët and love blooms in the glow of tree-hung chandeliers. This place is buzzing with a relaxed energy by day and an amped-up party by night, Blue Marlin gave me a taste of A-list glitz and glamour with the best desserts I’ve ever tasted!

L1000154 copy

L1000132 copy

L1000168 copy

Some more restaurants worth giving a try are Bambuddha, Leo’s, Cavalli, Cipriani and El Chiringuito

Things to pack

For a beach vacation my essentials list starts with plethora of sunnies off course. Sun block is a major must or else you will return with a face you can barely recognize yourself. Flip flops, linen trousers, swimwear, hat, hand sanitizer, shortest of shorts and the coolest Tees, lip balm and hair serum. Don’t forget the most important, CAMERA!

L1000096 copy

Day escapades

The last day of my trip to Ibiza, with literally no energy to move post the previous nights debauchery of merrily partying and a completely disturbed sleep cycle, we decided to do something relaxed in order to come onto the road to recovery. We hired a yacht from the marina in Ibiza and cruised to the island of Formentera. Away from all the drunk vacationers stumbling down the street alongside cheesy souvenir shops in Ibiza this island that is almost an hour away is calm, peaceful, upscale with some of the worlds best and most renowned restaurants. We dined in one such restaurant named Juan Y Andrea and it was my lucky day as we spotted Simon Cowell dining right next to us with his family. A friend of mine who had early visited this restaurant landed up spotting the gorgeous J Lo here. This place sure attracts the Hollywood crème de la crème and brings a huge smile on Hollywood struck fans like me!

L1000178 copy

One major issue that I faced here was that local sim cards were just not available anywhere and everywhere. I’m sure you’ll know how stranded we are without our phones! So one day I decided to visit the Old Town under the pretext of buying my sim card and Voila! I was transported to another world. Ibiza Old Town is a whole other vibe! Narrow alleys, Spanish cafes, traditional bars, beautiful hotels, cute boutiques, local shops was pleasant change from all the party revelry. I entertained myself the entire afternoon by window shopping in the old city, indulging at a communal tapas bar and gorging on a lobster seafood paella. This place is also the transportation hub so getting anywhere from here is a breeze.

L1000120 copy

Im sure my little in-depth review of Ibiza was enlightening. This island, with its tropical waters, dramatic coastlines and powdery sand has left quite an impact on me. What I discovered was a slice of heaven that I can see us returning to summer after summer. There’s a sleazy element that needs to be avoided, and the prices are exorbitant, but the chance to roam the narrow streets of the fortified old town, laze on the celebrity strewn beaches of Las Salinas and whoop at passing planes from the yachts is not to be missed.

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