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Finding that perfect fragrance that doesn’t offend others yet stays true to who you are, can be a challenge. You want something that you’ll reach for repeatedly, yet something you won’t get tired of after a few weeks. The perfect fragrance is one that’s comforting, easy to wear both day and night and something you’ll enjoy for months to come.

First tip, don’t get sucked in by pretty packaging or fancy marketing. Celebrities endorsing brands may be tempting, and elegant and elaborate bottles, while although eye-catching, do not guarantee it’s the fragrance for you. Trust your initial gut and go for something that you think smells amazing. Look for a scent that makes you feel happy and fabulous, after all, you’re the one that’s going to be wearing it. A good perfume is extremely physical, so chances are, if you spritz it on and fall in love instantly, you’ll love it for seasons to come.

Placement is key. Apply your new fragrance to warmer parts of your body, like your neck, décolleté, wrists and even behind your knees. These “hot” spots will allow the perfume to blend into your natural oils quicker. As it starts to warm up, it will develop into a richer, bolder aroma. Allow it time to fully absorb and settle into your skin, so if testing in stores, come back after 30 minutes before purchasing. This will allow for enough time to see how it reacts with your own unique body chemistry, each perfume smells incredibly different depending on the person wearing it. Ideally you want to wait a solid 8+ hours to see how it develops and how each note unfolds. Always make sure to take in to consideration that many scents smell different to each nose, so if asking a friend if it smells good on you, remember that it may come off differently in her “nose”.

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with a new scent. As the cooler months approach, we’re all looking to switch up our daily routines. Clothes, makeup, skincare, all take a turn to richer and warmer hues and formulas. Keep in mind, due to the cooler weather, perfumes become more difficult to wear. They tend to evaporate quicker and fade faster. If you don’t want to reapply your perfume throughout the day, try mixing it in with your favourite body lotion. Fall is all about calmness and tranquility, it’s a time for relaxation and change, so look for a perfume that captures those feelings. As the leaves change colours and the air becomes brisk, we tend to reach for richer woody notes.

If you’re still trying to hold onto summer, but want the vividness of fall, then Vera Wang Eau De Parfum is the perfect balance. It comes housed in a luxe, rich, blush coloured glass bottle. A pleasant, light, non-irritating texture that’s gentle on the skin. Thanks to the addition of peppermint extract. It provides long lasting protection and ‘LE MALE’ scented freshness in all circumstances. The first encounter with the fragrance is a flirtation that begins with Bulgarian rose.

Vera Wang Eau De Parfum is an incredibly feminine and a sophisticated fragrance that’s perfect for the busy, confident and modern-day woman. I’m sure for the coming season it’s going to a very popular choice for a lot of the scent-loving diva’s who feel confident with a powerful fragrance!


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Bella Karisa

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