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It’s beautiful. It’s durable. It’s one of the most coveted accessories on earth: Hermès’ iconic Kelly handbag! It’s a given that it costs more than an arm and a leg and the price of this bag can actually be the annual income of a daily wage earner, but for those who can afford it, welcome to the world of hoity-toity canape and caviar soirees, women with dazzling diamonds and chauffeur driven sedans. In short, the society A-Listers! There’s a saying in the social chatterati that “If you own a Hermès Birkin or a Kelly, you’ve arrived!”

A little bit about this bag, the Kelly was created way back in 1936. However, it didn’t take off until 1956 when Grace Kelly was photographed carrying one, reportedly to conceal her pregnancy. After years of being colloquially called the Kelly, it was officially named after her in 1977.

So the biggest question that arises is that why are Hermès bags so expensive? For starters, each bag is assigned one artisan who is responsible for its creation, from start to finish. Constructing a single bag takes around 15 to 20 hours. On top of that, significant cost escalation comes from the type of leather and type of hardware used. Would you like diamonds on that lock? They’ll do it, but be prepared to pay. Hermès evolved into a fashion house from a high grade heritage of harnesses, bridles and saddlery, so its leather accessories are engineered for workhorse longevity. These babies are built to defy everything life throws at them, including the test of time. And to deal with time’s ravages, the French firm even offers a “spa treatment,” or reconditioning for heavily used Kelly bags.

A handful of lucky ladies receive their bag directly from Hermès each year. Assuming you’re not one of these select few, you can try your luck at a Hermès boutique, but expect to be told you’re going on a years-long wait list (that is, assuming they don’t tell you it’s closed). Developing brand loyalty by investing in other of the brand’s pieces over time may help your cause and always make sure you look the part – they don’t sell these bags to just anyone! So, is it merely a status symbol for the mega rich who can afford them? Or is a Hermès Kelly bag a genuinely savvy investment? In a word, YES. That is if you can get your hands on one!

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