Happy 1 Bella Karisa!

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13 September 2015, I will never forget this day in my life. It was the day my pet project, Bella Karisa was born. I still remember how worried and anxious I was. Butterflies in my stomach and major anxiety attacks. Will it be successful? Will people like it? Will I be good at it? so many questions clogged my brains. More so friends and family could not understand what my pet project was all about. Blogging?!? What is that? Will you be a model? How do you make money? Is there money in this field? Isnt blogging for college going girls who want to earn extra pocket money? The questions were innumerable and I had no answers. It was a leap of faith, literally for me and 1 year down the line I feel it paid off extremely well!

Alot of people have asked me why “Bella Karisa”. I wanted the name to be a symbol of ME! Bella means GIRL and Karisa mean KARIshma + SAmat. I wanted it to reflect my name, personality and attitude. This opportunity is like a blessing where I can thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart to help me reach where I am today! If it wasnt for your love, support and good wishes “Bella Karisa” would have shut shop a long time ago. Your feed back, comments, messages, emails are welcomed greatly and I try my level best to reply to all and create more content based on what you’ll like. Even your criticism is welcomed with open arms as it helps me better myself each time.

During my 1 year journey alot of milestones were achieved and I wish, with the grace of Almighty that my journey is seamless for many more years to come! A great day and moment for me and its definitely time to pop the bubbly and let my hair down! Now I can proudly say that “I’m a Happy Girl”

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Bella Karisa

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Bella Karisa Look:

Dress, Accessories, Shades : Fancy Pants The Store

Heels : Babita Malkani

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