Who says Grey is grim.. Grey’s Great!


It’s that time of the year where the air is so humid and the sky so grey! A time where you just want to sit indoors with hot cup of tea and binge on some cookies and savouries! Make every possible excuse to avoid stepping out in this rainy weather. But unfortunately for me it has been an insane week! Ive worked on a massive shoot with my good friend and photographer, Sai and can’t wait to share it with you.

The streets of Mumbai are always such a wonderful background for any shooting. There’s just so much life and energy. The hustle bustle of this city just makes me realize how fast paced this city is. With high rises everywhere its so difficult to even spot the sky. Thats the reason when I stepped into this roof top bar with a breath taking view of the city and the Arabian Sea I was completely mesmerised. The upscale surroundings of the bar with its pristine white sofas and candles with beautiful florals transported me straight to a chic mediterranean uptown eatery complete with the fanciest list of wines and cocktails.

With a classy ambience like this you definitely need the right look to complement the beautiful setting. Designer Veda Raheja’s super chic crop top with palazzos does complete justice. It’s one of my favourites! I have never managed to find a pair of palazzos that fit me so well. Its what I call a … Golden find! A well fitted outfit is always a massive GO for me.The crop top snugs effortlessly and palazzos give that ‘Oh So Chic’ vibe. Especially when it’s worn with quirky accessories. The chunky silver metallic rings in combination with a delicate midi rings gives a very unconventional yet modish look. The silver charmed bracelet adds an edgy yet elegant touch. To complete the look and break the monotony of GREY I decided to team a pair of frilled magenta stiletto heels to enhance and add that little bit of pop colour.

Alot of people shy away from Grey. They consider it to a drab and dull colour, but for me Grey is beautiful, its makes a powerful statement. It shows the stronger side of a woman, be it a grey chic suit, a pair of trousers or even a scarf! Its bold and classic so embrace it with an open mind!













Bella Karisa Look:

Crop Top and Palazzo : Veda Raheja

Accessories : Forever 21

Shoes : Bebe

Shades : Aldo

Location Courtesy: Dome, Intercontinental Hotel, Mumbai

Photographer: Sai Ghatpande

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