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I had a very early morning flight into Goa from Mumbai. Always ready for a new adventure the excitement was at its peak. In my eagerness to travel I had practically not slept all night! I was finally at peace when I buckled my seat belt and in no time landed into the blissful beach retreat..Goa! Generally on all my travels the hotel car is waiting to assist me as soon as I exit the airport, but to my surprise I was greeted by a hotel executive as soon as I landed. He assisted me with my luggage inside the airport and then escorted me to the car where the cheerful driver was ready to whisk me away. Just a 30 min drive from the airport we arrived at our destination. A beautiful drive way led us straight to the grand reception area where we were welcomed so warmly by the most gracious staff with big broad smiles. Welcome to “ Grand Hyatt Goa ”

Ranging from 312 splendidly appointed rooms and suites, blending spectacular views of the waterfront, manicured lawns and grandeur of the Palace building inspired by 17th century Indo- Portuguese architecture, this property is spread across 28 acres of colourful, tropical gardens that roll down to the water’s edge. The suites architecture inventively blends the Tropical Island Feeling with top luxurious amenities and design.

As we waited in the lobby for the formalities to be completed, I was simply blown away with the sheer grandeur of the property. The check in was so quick and to our delight with best compliments from the GM we were given the Presidential Suite for the next 2 days. I was excited like a little child and just could not wait to get to the room and explore. ‘Open Sesame’ straight into the lap of luxury. The presidential suite was nothing less than a palace. Complete with 2 bedrooms, a massive living room, fully equipped kitchenette, dining room, mini office, 2 bathrooms and a powder room, walk-in-wardrobe, never ending balcony and a Jacuzzi overlooking the sea. PARADISE! I exclaimed. To make this even better we even had our own personal genie, Vishal. He could and would make anything possible for us. All I had to do was ask! Exotic refreshments, assorted variety of teas, chilly chocolates and even cake pops! I dreamed of it and it magically arrived. At that moment I wished that I could live this dream forever and ever!

Post a quick nap just to recover from the travel I was ready to explore the property especially the restaurants as I was starving. From an impressive grill on the beach to an exquisite Italian restaurant, Grand Hyatt Goa proposes one of the best and most creative cuisines. The resort features a fine selection of dining with an eclectic mix of 7 stylish and inventive bars and restaurants. The resort transcends traditional cocktail expectations with a resident Mixologist who uses traditional spices to whip up delicious cocktails with an Indian twist. Several dining options will satisfy any tastes and wishes. In all restaurants the best ingredients are gathered and prepared by passionate Chefs from around the world. For lunch, I decided to settle for a kings feast at Chulha, their Indian speciality restaurant which has some signature dishes from all over India’s states.

Trust me! its definitely an iconic Indian restaurant in Goa, Chulha offers guests the chance to dine unparalled Indian cuisine amid warm, colonial architecture, all accented by authentic rural touches. The food is simple, with a selection of tandoor-grilled meats, seafood and vegetables prepared live to perfection, and served in clay pots and copper pans, evoking the ambience of a rural setting. We started with some chaats, moved onto an assortment of grills and tandoors but my favourite was the authentic Goan spread which the chef had prepared specially for us with so much love. After this I was left with no space at all in my little tummy and arrived the dessert! Indeed, a feast fit for a king and a meal that I can never forget! Oh! I even made my own fresh sugar cane juice (offcource with the help of the chefs there) to complete this fancy meal.

Some other dining options include:

The Verandah

The Verandah offers some outstanding authentic Italian food, earlier it served Australian food but recently it has been converted to an Italian one with an array of wholesome home style recipes. The food is simple and hearty, crafted using the freshest ingredients and seasonal produce. The menu features a wide variety of antipasti, zuppe, risotto, gnocchi, pasta and freshly baked bread all cooked to perfection and dished out with sophistication. It is the perfect destination for family dinners, casual gathering of friends, romantic outings and special occasions. The aranchini balls are a hit for sure.

Pool Bar and Grill

 Pool Bar and Grill is beautifully set near the beach with sunset views. It’s dedicated to fish & seafood with an “Ocean to Table” cuisine concept that solely focus on the freshness of local ingredients from the sea. Besides the quality and creativity of its cuisine, this place is perfect for an unforgettable outdoor romance dinner under the stars.

All Day Dining

For a true taste of all that’s best in world cuisine, there’s no finer restaurant in Goa than The Dining Room at Grand Hyatt Goa. This restaurant embraces the idea of eating out of the pan, off the grill and out of the wok. Asian, Indian, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine are all prepared here.

Bay View Lounge

In the mood for some afternoon tea anyone with a selection of some freshly baked pastries and a selection of canapés? Bay View Lounge is ideal to lounge at during the day for a perfect afternoon. A vast selection of gourmet coffees and teas await you and by night you can taste the world’s finest wine stand.

Capiz Bar

As the sunsets we all know where to head next! A few signature cocktails prepared by the excellent resort Mixologist is all that one needs to end the day on a happy note. Lounge music or beach waves will contribute to create a great atmosphere to chill out. Music lovers will love the DJ playing some great music.


Light refreshments are available all the time to keep you energized through out the day.

After a scrumptious meal at Chulha, we decided to venture out and explore the property ourselves. It’s massiveness was awes-tricking! It took us almost 2 hours to finish seeing it and then we retreated to our mini palace to enjoy the sunset in the jacuzzi and later dress for the evening. It was almost 8pm when we called for the buggy to take us for dinner. During the day we had met the chef who asked us our preferences and said that he would prepare a special meal for us for dinner. I was quite excited to see what was in store. We arrived at the location to see a massive bonfire, comfy sofas and sheesha! It was so beautiful that I just couldn’t believe it. The weather, the setting, the vibe was all spot on and simply perfect. Our dinner was extraordinary with a lavish spread of Asian dishes as I had told the chef that its one of favorite cuisines.

We then retreated to the room post our dinner to end the day gearing up for what was in store for us for the rest of our trip. Early morning wake up and after a quick coffee in the room we headed for our yoga session followed by breakfast at the executive lounge. We had a surprise visitor during breakfast, it was the GM himself! It was such a pleasure to meet him. He made sure that our stay was extremely comfortable and if we required anything the entire team was available anywhere at anytime!

I decided to soak in the sun for a while post breakfast and enjoy the calm serene view of the sea. Spent the entire afternoon watching the waves splash and vegetated on a sub bed. I was scheduled to go for aqua sailing in the afternoon at about 3:30 pm but the lazy Goa vibe just got to me and I decided to postpone my sail plan to the evening. But my laziness cost me my aqua sail joyride. Apparently the wind speed is the maximum in the afternoon and reduces considerably by the evening. So by the time I was about to start, the wind pressure was too less and my sails were struggling! TIP: Aqua sailing has to be done when the winds are super strong! You have to listen to your instructor and not let the laziness takeover. We finished our sail trip which was followed by super surprise planned for us for dinner!

My Favourite Moments and Places at Grand Hyatt Goa

Grand Hyatt Goa is a multi-faceted Resort. Sometimes fun and hip for the active guests and quiet for the ones who prefers to take it easy and chill, there will be a dreamy place for anyone and any mood.

During my stay at the resort I have experienced many moments and discovered many places. To help you get an idea of what Grand Hyatt Goa can make you live, I’ve listed here under 5 Dreamy ideas that I absolutely loved. This is just a glimpse at them. Remember Grand Hyatt Goa’s philosophy: “LIVING GRAND”, this means you can live and create Your Very Own Dream, anytime.

1. Listen to music at sunset

Watching the beautiful moments of sunset with breezes off the Indian Ocean while feeling the mood with clear chill out sounds at Pool Bar. The right place for Music at the right moment.

2. Aqua Sail

Sail and explore Goa on board with a top-of-the-line fleet and certified instructors allowing individuals and groups to achieve the best in sailing.

3. Romantic dinner for 2

This is the surprise I was talking about. A special romantic dinner on the lawns by the beach set the mood for a wonderful evening by the Grand Hyatt Goa Team! We were escorted by Vishal to a secluded area by the sea. Hundreds of candles and rose petals all around us. Best of wines and a course by course meal of scrumptious dishes from the Verandah Kitchen completed this fairytale evening!


Sipping away some champagne while soaking up in a Jacuzzi overlooking the beautiful Goan sunset from the comfort of my balcony.


An ancient chapel rests on the beach front of the property. This place is so calm and peaceful. Though restoration work was on during my visit, there was something magical and extremely positive about this chapel. I could sit here for hours enjoying the calm vibe.


Other fabulous amenities include:


With the largest on shore casino around gamble the night away!

Grand Hyatt Goa Wellness & Spa

The Shamana Spa is not an ordinary Spa. Its eye-catching design and location are absolutely sensational. Shamana Spa proposes a wide range of massages and rejuvenating treatments with an exceptional line of products A beach holiday is incomplete without a relaxing massage. I decided to take the Shamana Spa signature massage which was suggested by the spa director. I loved the fact that they actually understand your lifestyle and accordingly suggest therapies. The next 90 mins were pure bliss! I fell asleep during the treatment, thats how good my therapist was!  I’m definitely coming back for the spa for sure! All treatments include an aromatic steam bath, a tropical rain shower and/or a fragrant bath as well as a refreshing body moisturizing treatment. The Spa also propose some special natural soothing and tonic drinks as well as select menus of culinary delights. It even boasts a state of the art steam, sauna, Jacuzzi and a plunge pool. Yoga and meditation at sunrise are daily proposed by a dedicated Yoga teacher. Private sessions are also available on request whenever you want.


A state of the art gym with certified trainers are at your discretion for fitness freaks at all times.

Grand Hyatt Goa Activities & Excursions

Surrounded by white-sand beaches and turquoise waters a full range of water sports awaits you. Grand Hyatt Goa offers a lot of excitement. Every water sports including aqua sailing which is such a thrilling experience is made available to the guests. For the more adventurous ones you have zorbing, ziplining, rock climbing and a host of other options.

Grand Hyatt Goa is a super stylish luxury resort overlooking the waters of the gorgeous Bambolim Bay. With this exceptional retreat, Hyatt Group of Hotels has created one the most sophisticated and fun luxury playground of the archipelago. Its unparalleled services and amenities, its design, concept and events, largely contribute to make it today, the most glamorous Resort in Goa. This property keeps its wow standards at its peak. Totally Hip & Cool, the resort is a must for travelers who wish for a Luxury Holiday in Goa with a twist of originality and a glamorous touch. Grand Hyatt Goa has an ultra stylish atmosphere with a contemporary and cutting-edge style, focused on lifestyle and design. The resort defines itself as “LIVING GRAND” with a true “Wow Effect”. Inventive and hip, but friendly and laid-back too. This property truly defines relaxation and adventure! Would I visit this property again? Hell YES for sure!

Until Next Time


Bella Karisa


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