Watch You Seek! – Frank Muller

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I feel like you shouldn’t trust someone who doesn’t own a watch. For starters, how reliable are they going to be? If you never know the time, you’ll never be on time. Second, it’s the perfect accessory to an otherwise plain and boring outfit. Franck Muller appreciates long-time traditions and although the brand is always coming out with new styles, they’re always classic and timeless. I take pride in my watches and consider them an investment piece. Its an accessory, much like my engagement and wedding band, that I’ll love and cherish forever. I tend to look for classic watches, instead of playing on the latest trend.

Franck Muller is one of those brands that I know will withstand the test of time. Even if I fall out of love of a current style (cause I’ve worn it too often) I can always pass it down. I tend to gravitate towards men’s watches anyways, I just love the oversize feel of them. I like to make a bold statement, like with this Franck Muller. Although chunky and quite large on my wrist, since it features gold accents, it gives the femininity I look for when it comes to picking out a watch. Don’t be afraid to play with the opposite sex when it comes to watches, there are no set rules.

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Bella Karisa

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Bella Karisa Look

Jumpsuit : MDS Collection

Watch : Franck Muller

Shades : Dior

Necklace : Tiffany & Co

Bracelet : Anne Klein

Bag : Gucci


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