The Extravagant Journey with Elise by Rance Fragrances


Nothing reveals more about a woman than her choice of scent. Little did I know about fragrances from the House of Rance before I received one of their most popular ‘Elise’. I had never heard of this fragrance or perhaps I was always looking for brands, which I’m more familiar with and absent mindedly never noticed it on the shelves. The more I researched on this perfume, the more in awe I was! This fragrance has so much history behind it. It comes from a lineage of royalty and power. I was truly amazed when I learnt that this fragrance dates back to over 200 years! Yes that’s true..200 YEARS! Intrigued? So was I..

François Rancé was allegedly Napoleon’s favorite perfumer, creating several fragrances both for the emperor and for Joséphine Bonaparte. But this fragrance was dedicated and exclusively customized for Napolean’s younger sister Elise. Famous for opposing his will she married handsome Captain Baciocchi for love. The emperor loved his sister and soon forgave her and gave her the title of the Great-Duchess of Tuscany when she was a very young woman. In her mansion, where she lived, she loved plants and flowers and carefully took care of her panorama. She soon became known for her beautifully landscaped park. She showed exotic plants and flowers that she grew to her guests from Paris and all over Europe who visited her. Her lifestyle was super dynamic and lavish, her tastes, very high class and posh and based on her personality, Elise was invented. It reflected her individuality to the hilt. Fresh, young, optimistic, cheerful, romantic and sensual. It’s a rush of emotions with the first wiff of Elise. Just like her love for flowers, this scent has fresh floral feel and a girly appeal.

Of all the qualities perfumes possess, one of the most wonderful is the ability to surprise. So the next time you’re looking for a fragrance with just the right amount of freshness and sensuality you know where to hit the buy now tab!

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