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I’ve always dreamt of fuller, luscious and enviable lips! Though it does look a wee bit unnatural but don’t blame me. I call it the Kylie Jenner effect. Sadly, there’s always a disparity between reality and dreams. You dream of those natural plump perfect lips on the cusp of over the top but in reality you’re gifted with thin, pursed orifices.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer was born from backstage beauty secrets, taking inspiration from make­up artists who used extreme measures like pepper powder to achieve the perfect runway pout. Now we can get the same glam results in an instant with this feel-good, delicious formula­ pepper free, of course. It is a lip plumper that adds instant volume and shine.

The first time I applied this product it tasted like vanilla and spearmint. The gloss made my lips tingle. I got really scared after applying it. I thought that this product was reacting on my skin and that all the blood of my face went straight to my lips. A gloss had never left a stinging feeling, but that sensation lasted only for a few seconds and was totally bearable. My lips had a lovely sheer pink tint, looked extra shiny and voluptuous for almost 3-4 hours. The difference was indeed quite noticeable too. The Dior Lip Maximizer provided the fastest and most evident difference over time. I used it for over a week and I must admit that I became addicted to the taste and the dramatic high gloss look.

This Maximizer is definitely a must have! It gives your lips an instant volume and lustre yet does not dry and chap the lips. After just few days of use, your lips will flash fullness and will appear more defined. No need for those harmful lip surgeries anymore! The best alternative to getting those gorgeous lips just like the women of “Sex and the City” is now here!

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Bella Karisa









Bella Karisa Look

Jacket : Promod

Jumpsuit : BCBG Maxazaria

Necklace : Chanel

Watch : Chopard

Bracelet : Swarovski

Photographer : Sai Ghatpande


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