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As the summer sets in, the urge to stay comfortable takes precedence over everything else. The scorching sun is bad enough, but that does not mean you need to take a break from denim altogether as you navigate through summer.

The ever classic denim, reinvented every season, from the boyfriend jeans to the pencil skirts, midnight blues to totally washed out, sporty or edgy trends, the styles and possibilities are endless. But when all fails, nothing beats a little denim dress. Personally, I love the versatility of a jean dress. We’re seeing patched denim dresses everywhere and in any form, button­ down dresses, short­ sleeve styles, boxy sleeveless cuts with frayed hems and many other casual designs. I like to do a denim dress a little differently.

Dressing to impress is easy with this sleeveless mini dress. It’s crafted from super­soft chambray, that keeps you unruffled in summer with a buttoned front and a basic collar. This little denim summer dress is simple, fun and just a little sexy. I’ve completed this look with a thin sash waist tie which helps accentuate the curves and stacked my fingers with pretty rings. But what really takes it a step above the norm is it makes you feel comfortable and complete at the same time. You won’t have blues for long with this dress on. You can slip into your favourite pair of low ­tops for low ­key weekend wear. I chose a blue pair of espadrilles. You can try old school sneakers, straw fedora hat, shoulder bag and your favorite pair of sunnies and you’re ready to beat the heat and all set to simply be cool this summer!


Yacht Blue dress-1

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Sofitel blue dress-1

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Yacht Blue dress-3

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Yacht Blue dress-2

Sofitel blue dress-2

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Bella Karisa

Bella Karisa Look:

Denim Dress : Fancy Pants

Accessories : Fancy Pants

Shades : Fancy Pants

Photography: Sai Ghatpande + Mohit Varu

Location Courtesy : Sofitel BKC, Mumbai

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