Christmas with Tiffany & Co

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For some reason, this year, I am woefully unprepared for winter’s arrival, but since it’s practically end of December and its beginning to get really cold out there, I guess it was time to snap out of my denial and start Christmas shopping. Full disclosure: It’s always so confusing to buy gifts for my loved ones every holiday season. But when it comes to my Christmas gift I’ve already got it (biggest grin ever on my face) This year (2015) marked a milestone in my life! I got back to work after a very long sabbatical and later in the year started my own blog. Kind of a huge achievement for me. So I felt that it was necessary to treat myself since Christmas was round the corner. After a lot thinking I decided to commemorate it with a piece of jewelry which I really wanted since I was a little girl. It had to be nothing else but Tiffany & Co.



Tiffany & Co jewelry is iconic, classic and something truly to be passed down to the next generation. I gifted myself the Tiffany & Co Heart Tag Charm Bracelet and the Heart Tag Pendant in sterling silver. Its symbolic turquoise blue box makes Tiffany & Co. one of the most recognizable brands in the world. I’ve saved the box and even the ribbons.. excited me!




I love this bracelet so much! I’ve been wearing it almost every single day. This is Tiffany & Co’s most popular piece, and I totally understand why. It goes with everything, and it looks so lovely on the wrist! The size of the heart charm and the positioning on the bracelet is so perfect, so it dangles in the right place. I wear this bracelet along with my watch. Nevertheless, this bracelet is still my favorite piece of jewelry ever. This tiny hint of Tiffany blue is a gorgeous little detail to your arm candy




The necklace too is so beautiful and so simple and dainty, and it goes with literally anything. It’s something that you can wear everyday too! I usually like my neck bare and don’t wear any necklaces but I highly recommend this necklace because it’s the perfect size and just enough bling.




If you don’t own any Tiffany & Co jewelry, and are looking to purchase your first one, I highly recommend the ‘heart tag charm bracelet’ or the ‘heart tag pendant necklace’. I guarantee you’ll wear them everyday: D

Happy Christmas Shopping and Happy Holidays!



Until Next Time


Bella Karisa

Photographer: Sai Ghatpande

Location Courtesy: T 24 Hotel

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