The Blazer Story!


We’re all set and ready for a big day today! The last few weeks have been extremely crazy, but, I know how much it’s so incredibly worth it! I’ve been hibernating in my cozy little room working day and night, reaching for my dream. I feel like things are really going to change in the next couple of months and I am so ready for it!

This venture is the closest to my heart. Its probably the most challenging project I have undertaken till now. I know I am getting completely out of my comfort zone and that’s what is the most exciting part! I am essaying into something new, something diverse but something I’ve always been dreaming and passionate about. What tops the list is Fashion off course.

A Classic Blazer is one of the most versatile items ever! Some of them, for example in nude or black, can be worn with pants or a pencil skirt for work, with denim or shorts for casual outfits and even with an elegant dress for a night out. The best part is that you actually don’t have to buy a new blazer, you can borrow it from your mother’s, sister’s or even boyfriend’s closet. Exactly! It’s not necessary that it fits you perfectly, unlike other items of wardrobe it’s allowed to wear one size or even two sizes bigger for any occasion.

I personally am a fan of bright coloured Blazers, Coral to be more precise. The colour itself adds the right amount of zing and elevates the otherwise regular look of a plain white pinstriped shirt. What also adds to the look are these wicked front flap, black and white printed pair of shorts. They are just so easy breezy and trendy. Prints by far are my favorite. They not only add an element of vivaciousness but also can easily glam up any ensemble.

A little touch of pop with bright coral glossy lips, sleek line of eye liner and stacked up jewellery completes the personal style. This fabulous look is both super casual and comfy yet fashionable and trendy without being run of the mill. That’s what fashion is about, it’s all about feeling as free as possible to express ourselves and to create what truly symbolises us! So do not follow trends, create them..









Bella Karisa Look:

Blazer: HM

Blouse: Mango

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21

Accessories: Forever 21

Shades: Bliss Box

Photographer: Sai Ghatpande

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