The Artistic Sojourn – Babita Malkani

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Fashion designer Babita Malkani keeps inspiring me with her urban sense of styling. With the knack to dress up high fashion in a chic avatar, the designer marries haute couture, rich fabrics with vivacious cuts and drapes, in a fun, frisky and one of a kind manner. This time she has come up with an artistic amalgamation of venerated traditions and the supremacy of Mother Nature bringing to life her Spring Summer 2016 collection- The Artistic Sojourn.

Babita Malkani has been known for Luxury Resort-Cruise Wear being her forte and I couldn’t agree any less. Cruise wear should straddle the line between fashionable and functional, and this ensemble totally falls in place.  The veteran designer yet again manages to take a simple crop top and a skirt one notch ahead. I couldn’t wait to describe this off-shoulder printed jersey top teamed up with this side high-low reversible ball skirt! This silhouette not only takes care of the comfort while cruising but also adds the luxury element to it. The digitally printed crop-top is super easy-to-wear and fits like a glove on your body. The skirt on the other hand is crafted beautifully keeping a double wearability in mind.

For me, I just went with one statement neckpiece to add a little more spark to the look. Though honestly, this outfit is in itself a complete look, no add-ons needed. Its got the right amount of styling it needs to give you a fashionable feel. In reality, these are the looks that remain in stores longest and become much of what we wear all year long. Practical, glamourous, trendy and sophisticated. If you fancy all these factors then BM is where you should be shopping!

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Bella Karisa

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Bella Karisa Look:

Crop Top + Skirt : Babita Malkani

Accessories : Bebe

Photographer : Sai Ghatpande

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